The Advantages of Laminated Building Posts

Don't let your new building rot in the ground!  

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It Starts with Quality...

If you’re new to the post frame industry or haven't purchased a ‘pole barn’ in the last few years you might just be shocked to see how fast the industry is changing. There are many new products that create function and enhance aesthetics, allowing you to make a seemingly limitless number of customizations to your new building. Along with a cost saving approach to construction, expert craftsmanship, and quality materials designed to last a lifetime, these innovative products make post frame buildings an attractive option to home owners, farmers, and business owners alike!

One of the most important aspects of a post frame building is of course the building columns (or building posts) that make up the framework the structure. While there are several options available on the market, the most common choice is the traditional building column. Unfortunately, they are likely to rot in the ground with age, weakening your building, and forcing costly repairs. Aside from potentially rotting, these traditional columns are often split, cracked, or twisted.

One alternative to traditional building columns are laminated building posts. They’re guaranteed for a full 50 years against rotting, splitting, cracking, and twisting. Additionally, laminated building posts are lighter and up to 2x stronger than their traditional counterpart.

Although these laminated building columns aren’t a new innovation to the building industry, there are many parts of the country where they have been difficult to find or expensive to purchase. But thanks to Triad Building Components and the lumberyards we partner with, top quality laminated building posts are being made available at comparable prices throughout Montana, Washington, Idaho, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, and beyond.

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Reuben Miller

Reuben is the Co-founder and CSO of Triad Building Components, a construction component manufacturing company that services wholesale lumberyards in Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Reuben has over 14 years of experience working within the building and construction industry that include Project Supervisor, Designer for Post Frame Buildings, and the General Manager Position for both a Metal Manufacturing Company and a Full Service Retail Lumberyard.