Talking to Myself: Go 'Small' or Go Home!

Lessons I wish I could share with my younger self...

Go Small, or Go Home!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, manager, or a dedicated employee, there’s one thing we all have in common: we want to make the business we’re a part of the very best it can be. For many, this results in focusing on what are commonly accepted as the important parts of any business: the product, the market, the business model, funding etc. While I believe these things are important, I think the ‘little things’ that often get overlooked are just as vital to creating a great company. Let’s look at a few of them:

Be responsive. When it comes to both your people and your customers, it’s vital that we remain responsive. Nothing shows your level of commitment and care quite like being available. We may not be able to resolve the issue in a matter of hours, but there’s no reason that a customer should have to leave three voicemails and wait a week to get a hold of us.

Follow through on your promises. I don’t think there is anything quite as frustrating as having a business promise to resolve an issue, only to have them make up one excuse after another as to why they haven’t delivered on their commitment. When we fail to follow through on our commitments, we’re teaching our customers not to count on what we say; trust will erode, and relationships will decay.

Ask questions, and then listen. It’s always a good idea to ask your customers for feedback about your products and services. Their insights are invaluable to the improvement of your company. If you ask for feedback however, be prepared to listen. Don’t be quick to defend your current system, policy, or process. Just listen to what they have to say; in the long run, you will be glad you did.

Say thank you. Let’s face it, without our customers, we wouldn’t have a business. Which means it wouldn’t hurt us to show some gratitude now and then. It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate, just a heartfelt ‘thank you’ or a note will go a long way toward showing your customers you care.

When we take the time to invest in these ‘little things’ the impact is astounding. I believe the attention given to these ‘little things’ is just as important to building a great company as the countless hours we spend hiring the right people, building awesome products, and getting them into the hands of our customers.

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Reuben Miller

Reuben is the Co-founder and CSO of Triad Building Components, a construction component manufacturing company that services wholesale lumberyards in Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Reuben has over 14 years of experience working within the building and construction industry that include Project Supervisor, Designer for Post Frame Buildings, and the General Manager Position for both a Metal Manufacturing Company and a Full Service Retail Lumberyard.